We are back and it’s business as usual! Free shipping for orders over $99 *conditions apply

We are open again!!!

So excited to let you all know that we are open at our Bricks and Mortar shop in Mount Lawley WA!!! So great to see everyone and some lovely new faces!

Its been a strange time, and of course coming back has to be a gradual and careful process. We will be opening Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9-1 ( closed Mother’s Day) and delivering in the afternoons on Thursdays! ( Stay tuned for changes to these times)

We are here to make apts outside these times for our Mandi & Co Jewelley Design side! So please get in touch if you would like a piece of Jewellery made, redesigned or repairs to any jewellery!

The rules are only 4 people in store, excluding staff! Sanitise with provided hand sanitiser and stick to physical distancing rules! Also it would be preferred if you have the Covid 19 tracking App downloaded!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!

Oh and we do have a 50% off table so be quick!! 


Mandi xxxx