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‘Ecology’ signifies the relationship between living things and their environment. It’s about the way we feel and react to the space around us. It’s in the way we transform a house into a home and a room into a refuge.

Just like the environment that inspired its name, Ecology is constantly evolving, and they look forward to taking you on their journey as they create new designs to enhance your surroundings.

Based in Victoria, Ecology is a uniquely Australian homeware brand. The Ecology brand was founded in 2008 and is constantly evolving to deliver the best in Australian homewares. Inspired by Australian ecology, their brand places an emphasis on style, featuring earthy and organic tones, natural and fluid shapes and hand-drawn designs. 

Working closely with their designers and manufacturers, each Ecology homeware piece is lovingly designed in Australia and crafted by their manufacturers from quality porcelain, ceramic, China or stoneware. 
Their designers work hard to ensure that along with being stylish and beautiful, each piece is durable and safe for your home. 

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