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Collection: Found My Skin

Mandi at Home is very excited to welcome Found My Skin to our range of products.

Found My Skin was developed by the gorgeous Amy Found who has always been a sun lover and got burnt to a crisp more times that she cares to remember!

The long summers, tan tines, burnt skin, aging faces and melanoma coming way to close to home, her inspiring parents, the dying oceans ecosystem, reducing single use plastic and the next generation gave her the kick to start this wonderful product. 

The product is made in Perth, WA in collaboration with her dad, John - a pharmacologist who developed the global companies Wild Child and Quit Nits.

We are excited to bring you the first two products that are both safe for you and safe for our reef.

It is Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Reef Safe, Formulated and Created in Australia

Our ocean’s ecosystem is under pressure and Found My Skin believe that change starts with us.

That is why they have chosen plastic free packaging and created reef safe products with micro-particles.
They have made a commitment to the environment, come and join the movement.

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