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The Merlot’s Munchies Story 
Anzac Day 2014 Merlot our Husky was born, true to form he was a real Digger.

But it was love at first sight, so what’s a hole or two… or three or more.

Not long after young Merlot arrived home my step son gifted me with a dog cookbook, I laughed at the time, “Like Hello! You don’t think I’m in the kitchen enough already cooking for you lot” but as you would guess, Yes indeed I began baking treats for our beloved fur kid.

Sharing is caring I have said to Merlot as he has watched me time and time again share his treats with other dogs.

Whilst many a happy treat-recipient dog parent suggested I sell them it wasn’t until our working lives took an unexpected turn that I even considered that an option.

Over the past years, I have further developed my own recipes, Completed research on nutritional requirements for dogs. How best to preserve food whilst maintaining integrity, taste and quality without the nasty chemicals and preservatives found in mass produced foods.

It’s important to me that good quality human grade ingredients are used. Everything is made by me in my home kitchen from beginning to end because my dog, Merlot, doesn’t deserve anything less than the best and neither does yours.

The result; Merlot’s Munchies

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