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After months of work, Wickidee Doo Da Candles was born! This baby started in the kitchen of Allie's tiny 1x1 apartment in the northern suburbs of Perth (and for now - it's still here!).

Over the course of about 6 months Allie developed the concept of what is now this store.  Allie wanted to create something genuinely good, something that she could stand behind and feel proud of.

Allie wanted Wickidee Doo Da to stand out a bit in the crowd and represent something laid back, quirky and fun while also being quality.

To put it simply, Wickidee Doo Da Candles smell incredible, look super cute and are 100% hand made & poured with a bunch of pedantic love and care. Wickidee Doo Da aim to embody fun, individuality, style and quality.

All of their products are made from locally sourced ingredients and using locally sourced materials. We use strictly non animal derived, 100% soy wax - which is kosher certified, paraffin free and contains zero unnatural additives. All fragrances used in Wickidee Doo Da products are verified for consumer safety by RIFM and IFRA (people who know all the things about how fragrances work and whether or not they're safe for our bodies!). 

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