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FINDERS AND MAKERS - Half or Full Moon Rings - set of two

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Beautiful and unique moon rings made in light weight aluminium:

 Sold as a Pair

You choose how you wish to wear this pair. Each single half resembles a half moon. Wear them together side by side for a unique look. Or split them up on either hand. Comfortable to wear and beautifully Artisan hand-made.



The hand made nature of this item guarantees no two pieces are identical. Although the design will be the same, the item you receive may present slight variations different to that shown on the product page. 

The Evolution collection is led by passionate sister duo Valeria and Maria, from the beachside town of Miramar in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Both care deeply for their community and actively participate on environmental sustainable programs.

  • Each piece is lovingly made by an Artisan in Buenos Aires Argentina to gain financial independence.