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"Follow the Fence Line" Gillian Roulston - Original - Mandi at Home

'Follow the Fence Line' by Gillian Roulston - Original Art

Gillian Roulston
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“FOLLOW THE FENCE LINE” by Gillian Roulston

60CM X 60CM Acrylic on Canvas


“Follow the fence line, it will take you home”

Description and blurb by Gillian herself.

I love the aerial pics drone photographers create. They can be very abstract and show the unbelievable colours of our earth. So, I started drawing what I imagined my childhood home would be like if I was looking down on it.

This triggered another memory of when my younger brother and I – teenagers at the time – were out spotlighting with a couple of the station stockmen. I was the driver and the guys were standing in the back of the ute. My brother bangs on the roof of the “cruiser” and tells me to head for home.

So, I turned for home. After a few minutes he yells “where the bloody hell are you going”. “Heading home” was my reply. I was going the wrong way as I don’t have very good sense of direction in the blackness of the night and in the middle of a very large paddock.

“Follow the fence line” was the direction. Well I found the fence and started to follow it. After a few more minutes, another bang on the roof “Where the f&#*ing hell are you going now?!” “Following the fence line!” Turns out the gate was just to the right of me when I found the fence. So we did a lap of the paddock, found the gate and headed for  home.


I think everyone needs a fence line they can follow when they are lost in the darkness of a big paddock. It will lead to the comforting embrace of home. And sometimes a “hot toddy”.

Great times.

In my painting I have included the shearing shed and some sheep. The shearing shed was actually over on another part of the station but I think the painting needed it. Also I have the milking cows and cow shed.