Jungle Kimmy Moon Tassel Drops
Jungle Kimmy Moon Tassel Drops

Jungle Kimmy Moon Tassel Drops

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Moe Moe Design with Kimmy Hogan "Jungle"

  • Australian made
  • statement tassels to look and feel fabulous
  • the panel with artwork has sleek brushed silver on the other side and can be reversed by flipping the panel for a subtle silver look
  • sterling silver components (we are nickel free)
  • showcasing Australian artist Kimmy Hogan's artwork 'Jungle'
  • 9.7 cm long including hook
  • 3.3 grams each

The Jungle Kimmy Moon Tassel drops are beautiful statement earrings that have lots of wow-effect but won’t make your earlobes droopy. Think dinners, drinks and laughs! Flip the colourful panel to the silver side for a different look.

When art meets fashion and Moe Moe Design collaborates with amazing artists like Kimmy Hogan, the results are pretty special. Feel and look fabulous wearing these tassels!

Please see our Kimmy Hogan Art in her collection on our site. Mandi x