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The Organiser - Seven Sister Series - Original - Gillian - Mandi at Home

The Organiser - Seven Sister Series - Original - Gillian

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Gillian Roulston 

The Organiser. You can rely on her to get things done on time. Great at delegating.

Mixed Media on 35.5cm x 47.5cm Gessoed Hardboard


Sister – a woman or girl in relation to other daughters and sons of her parents.

Sister – a female friend or associate, especially a female fellow member of a trade union or other organisation.

Sister – a member of a religious order.

Sister – a senior female nurse

The above descriptions for Sister are the Google definitions.

To me a sister doesn’t have to have the same parents. I think it is a great friendship. My sisters were and still are, my first and best friends. My cousins are also my sisters and best friends. Then there are all the nieces, granddaughters, greats of those, and the list goes on.

I am a sister to my brothers, who I am sure would agree with this definition – sisters are creations of Satin who have been put on this earth to search and destroy the older sibling. Or this one – depending on birth order, she can be your best friend or the biggest bitch ever.

Even though you are not bonded by blood, your best friend can be your sister.

Your aunty is your Mum or Dads sister, your Mum is a sister, your grandmothers and the list goes on.

It is a special feeling to belong to the sister club. Maybe one of these Sisters paintings might look good in your sister club.

By the way, I have three sisters and I am a sister to two brothers, and we have a great time together.