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Well look at you go Australia!

Its been one year today since Covid19 hit our shores and boy has it been an interesting time. You guys have been nothing but supportive and absolutely amazing this whole time and for that I say a huge thank you. I know for a fact that without your support things could have been very different today at Mandi at Home and our sister store Mandi & Co. But more importantly as a nation haven't we all been amazing!!!! Really … a huge pat on the back to most of you for taking it seriously, doing the right thing and dodging many possible catastrophes. For those of you that have lost love ones, not seen relatives, been stuck or have felt alone I want to pass on how sad we are for you and hope that this year is a better one for all...sending all our love and strength. Lets stay positive and focused.....and kick this thing in the butt. Love to you all.

PS: Image is by Rachel Castle at Castle and Things...Just one of the Art Teatowels we sell.  

Mandi and The team x