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Collection: Miss April Towels


Mandi at Home are excited to welcome Miss April Towels to our shop.

Sustainably and ethically made, Miss April’s collection features hand-crafted Turkish towels.
Using traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation, Miss April’s towels are made with love, for you to love.

Years ago Miss April fell in love with the Turkish towel after receiving one as a gift. From there, they couldn’t resist sharing this timeless and luxurious gift. Each towel is made by artisans with hand-operated machinery and only the finest and gentlest of certified yarn is used.

Miss April is proud to offer original Turkish towels made by those who are masters of their traditional craft. We respect this art, and love that you can be a part of this tradition too.

Our Turkish towels are timeless both in quality and in design. With each purchase we hope to bring you a piece of luxury for you to love.

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