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About Us

 After years of running my own Jewellery business I am grateful to be able to share my love of beautiful things through other mediums as well.  I have a adoration for Fine Art and Home Decor so I have collaborated with a number of amazing independent Australia Artists and brands to bring you this range that myself and my team are truly proud of. I have spent much of my life creating a world that I can be myself in, places in my home I can feel different emotions and create vastly different environments. I am constantly in awe of what your surroundings can bring to your mind, functionality and your overall well being. Style, Emotion, Colour and individual flare is what we are about at Mandi at Home at 811 Beaufort Street Mount Lawley WA and online Australia wide.

I have always been surrounded by talented people some of which are so embedded in their creative world that it seems almost impossible or against their nature to get out and share their beautiful work. I am grateful that everyday in both my businesses I get to promote these amazing innovative creators. And not to mention the sheer joy of working along side them.

We are here to show you that it doesn't cost the world to have style or beautiful things and that your surroundings can make a difference.

Brandi Group Pty Ltd was born in 2018 through an idea to expand my creative world. This includes both the Mandi at Home and Mandi & Co brands and I hope that through these businesses we can help create a world of colour, style, sparkle and flare, forging amazing friendships along the way. I only sell things that I love and so far, over the years, this strategy has worked for me.


loving what we do, thanks to you.


Mandi x