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Collection: Elise Raspanti

Elise Raspanti is a Sydney based digital artist and graphic designer. Elise first entered the design world when she started studying 3D animation, hoping to spark that creative flare she found growing up with her love of drawing and painting. She was hoping to find this spark and passion in the 3D world, but it was still not enough. Graphic design then caught Elise's eye where she learnt her skills in Adobe Photoshop, and turned this into her professional career. Using her skills as a graphic designer, Elise found herself experimenting with art and started creating artworks she knew she couldn’t create with a paintbrush. Creating on a digital platform gives her confidence she never had when drawing and painting by hand. The digital platform has allowed Elise to explore a world of vibrant colours and patterns with an energetic confidence. Her art is inspired by her love of landscapes, textures, bold colours and of course, all things plants! Each artwork is like its own unique cloud as everyone see’s something different. So what do you see in Elise’s artworks?

We love having Elise onboard at Mandi at Home!

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