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Rebecca Koerting

Growing up in Victoria’s Ocean Grove, a small coastal town nestled at the foot of the Bellarine Peninsula, I was no stranger to the salty air and freshness of the Australian ocean. Many of my days as a child were spent on the sandy shores of the local beaches, splashing in the sea.

My childhood love and connection with the natural world was nourished by the most amazing family trips across this vast and inspiring continent. We explored everything from turquoise colours of the shorelines to the aboriginal drawings and red earth of Uluru – all different facets that make up Australia’s diverse visual identity. My paintings are strongly influenced by this childhood and early adolescence - I was forever daydreaming about different worlds, especially worlds beneath the ocean’s surface. I loved seeing this world in colour and really feeling these colours within my soul.

My early teens through to my forties have been spent on the WA beaches from Rottnest to Exmouth. These memories and experiences are also the life force behind my artwork today. 

I have a Diploma in Graphic Design and the 20 years I have been in this industry have also helped me build the knowledge and skills to paint the artworks I am currently producing.

The ocean is a magical place and any light I can shine on it can hopefully help draw awareness to the energy we need to put into preserving it.

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