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The Love Mae Commitment to Change 🌿 so grateful to be selling their products.


Love Mae is committed to bringing positive change to the world of children’s dinnerware for the health of tiny foodies & the planet they will inherit, a commitment delivered with beauty and functionality in décor and design.

Based in the heart of Byron Bay, Love Mae is a heartfelt brand with passionate eco-principles always striving to ensure our eco-footprint is as light as a feather


For many years their Bamboo Dinnerware range has bought endless joy & satisfaction to the world of eco-conscious consumers.

Eco Dinnerware

When choosing dinnerware for children, the market offers an abundance of designs and materials to choose from – plastic, melamine and ceramic, to a less toxic option like bamboo or plant-based.

At Love Mae their decision to work with Bamboo and Plant-Based (Corn) is driven by the environmental benefits, closely followed by functionality and aesthetics. The balance of them all is what makes Love Mae Eco dinnerware a quality product that is both beautiful and thoughtful.

We have come a long way from the environmental and toxic disasters of 100% melamine or plastic dinnerware. It’s encouraging to know that more and more people are opening and learning what it means to keep this planet clean and healthy. We welcome each and every person as they come to this realisation and hope to support their positive choices with products that they can feel good about as well as enjoy using.


Lunch Boxes

They didn’t choose bamboo for their lunch boxes as it was almost impossible to get a leak-proof seal. Single use plastics is something that they committed to avoiding in our homes or workplace, but when it comes to their lunch boxes, it’s not a single use proposition. In fact, a good lunch box should last for years and stand up to the test of time. When they thought about how the lunch boxes would be handled by their little owners, it was recyclable plastic that came out on top for durability and functionality. They know plastic can stand the test of time on the playground each day, when lunch boxes are thrown aside for play time. They are proud that their lunch boxes are free of BPA, PVC, phthalates and lead and 100% recyclable. Having a plastic product, that is not single use and is 100% recyclable, was an earth-conscious choice. 

When it came to design, they went for a compartmentalised, bento style box with mini lidded containers, to make waste-free lunches even easier.

One day, when Australia approves recycled plastic as a material for food grade products, they promise to make their lunch boxes even greener – we’ll keep you posted on that!


Eco Packaging

Their eco dinnerware boxes are completely plastic free, 100% biodegradable and make wonderful storage boxes for you once they have served their original packaging purpose.

They have recently redesigned their dinnerware packaging, moving to a new, natural matt-finish Kraft board material that is light and durable, as well as drastically reducing the amount of ink used – and, just quietly, they think it looks and feels seriously fabulous. This is a big and very conscious evolution from their previously high-gloss boxed packaging.

The take-home message: the more we all re-purpose these items, the less need there’ll be to manufacture more.

Because they care about the planet and the little people it supports, they are passionate about respecting the earth and take their roles as caretakers for the next generation super seriously. In all areas, they look forward to continuing to evolve all our practices, making improved change possible wherever we can.

Love Mae  x

Mandi at Home is proud to support a wonderful company like Love Mae x


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