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All children are unique and AMAZING in their own special way and some babies and children need MORE than a night light to calm, relax and help them sleep at night. So Philippa took all of your feedback and developed the Duski Dream Guardian range.

Duski Dream Guardians combine a portable, rechargeable night light into a tactile, squishy silicone bedtime friend. They have the colour changing, dimmer, timer functions that I know you all love. They also have that essential red over night sleeping light. The best thing about them is the Bluetooth speaker, it really sets the Duski Dream Guardians apart from the rest, as you can stream white noise, sleep sounds, meditation, music and stories, which work wonders in helping to create the PERFECT bedtime ambience.

Children can start being afraid of the dark as early as 18 months old, although for some they won’t become scared until they’re much older. Every child is unique in their own perfect way.

This fear can add up to frequent night waking or even stop them from falling asleep in the first place, this is horrible for the entire family!

One way to help reduce this fear is to add a night light to your child’s room and create a calm, safe space for them to sleep through the night.

But it doesn’t stop there, your child’s night light needs to have a red led light source. I know a lot of nursery and children’s night lights are blue and purple because these are thought to be calming colours, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite.

A baby sleep expert explains why – red is the only colour that does not have a negative effect on the secretion of Melatonin, the sleepy hormone. In fact, she recommends our Duski Dream Lights and Duski Dream Guardians to her clients because they have the option of a red light source.

Well we thought we’d look a little deeper into light colours at night and the effect they have on our children because let’s face it, no one wants a grumpy, sleep-deprived child (or even worse, a grumpy parent!)

Why is Melatonin so important?

Our bodies have an internal clock or circadian rhythm which exists from birth and tells us when it’s time to sleep. When it starts to get dark outside our bodies start to create Melatonin which helps to control sleep-wake cycles. It can also lower body temperatures and help to relax your muscles, which helps you to sleep.

Now a red light doesn’t improve your sleep as such, it just doesn’t interfere with the production of Melatonin. This means that your body can do what its designed to do and get sleepy when it turns dark, not only that but you will sleep longer through the night.

It’s worth noting that red lights aren’t just used to help with sleep, there have been thousands of medical studies published about red light therapy.

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